Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fast forward

With the APG show fast approaching I need to get this and other projects out of the way. So I'm going to skip any sbs material I was going to do for this progress.


Matt Springer said...

Looking good, Gary. I like the hair. Are you going to paint this one yourself?

Gary Dombrowski said...

Matt, Thanks. The hair is almost done, but it's getting there. Paint it myself? I'm not sure at this point. I at least want the sculpting done and out of the way. I was in Gettysburg, Pa a few weeks ago and was able to spend some time with Jason Whitman as he was returning from MFCA. He did a little painting demo for me which cleared up some key things for me. Before diving into any painting I want to finish up the few pieces that just need a couple things done in order to call them finished. Beside the drummer I have one other project that I'd like to sell for commercial production that might need box art. More on that later as the project developes a bit more. Thanks again. ~Gary

Marisa Stein said...

Hi Gary, I know you are busy but will you be posting updates soon. I would love to see the finished pieces.

Im a big fan of your work, thanks to you I'm thinking a little bit outside of my comfort zone.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Marisa, Thank you very much. I'm waaaay behind (nothing new)on posting and will be getting a little work done by the weekend. The summer weather always seems to drain any energy or motivation to work on anything and this year is no exception. So hopefully the next few days will be cooler in the evenings. I'm also heavily involved in doing family genealogy which is very time consuming. Stay tuned for an update which SHOULD include some pictures. Thanks. ~Gary