Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pyle's Pirate: Head Sculpt

Here are the first shots of the head sculpt for the bust. I tried to work in some finer wrinkles and skin texture to help convey that rough searfarer look.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pyle's Pirate; The Sculpey Sketch

Though I've never done this for a figure I find a Sculpey sketch of a bust to be a big help in it's development. The sketch is a nice warm up and helps to establish the character of the piece. It also helps to identify those areas that might be more difficult than others.

Here are a the first views of the sketch. I also added a piece of wire to represent one of the hoop earrings he will be wearing.

Slow but sure

I'm finally back at it. Here's a quick update on the small amount of work that's been done the past few days.

Coming next: Pyle's Pirate

On the heels of the trapper will come this 1/10 bust of a pirate based on a sketch by illustrator Howard Pyle. I've always wanted to do a bust based on this sketch in hopes of at least capturing the spirit of Pyle's drawing.

Although I found two other sketches this one is the main inspiration for the bust. Pyle's pirate had that look that went on to firmly establish themselves in print and film that continues today.