Thursday, December 31, 2015

One for the road part 2

Figure 7   I then placed a sewing needle into a pin vise and proceeded to transfer the subject by poking holes through the major elements that make up the painting. This method gives me the most accurate representation of what it is I am copying.
Figure 8   I then remove the Wax or Parchment Paper after tracing the entire image by poking through the paper with the needle held by a pin vice.

Figure 9     I then go about removing the Sculpey that is outside of the figure. I mostly concentrate on the larger areas surrounding the arms, legs, and parts of the body.

Figures 10 & 11   These photos show the progression of sculpting the face and tricorn hat of the subject. I'm always mindful to keep the areas of the subject closer to me thicker and those parts that are way from the viewer thinner. This helps add to the three dimensional effect.

Figures 12 & 13   Shows further development of the relief.


Jason said...

Excellent SBS, pard! Thanks for doing this.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Thanks Jason. It's enough of an SBS to get someone started if they want to try a relief of their own.