Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recent relief sculpture

Giving some attention to this blog is long overdue. With the exception of the odd figure or bust recent sculpting projects have all been miniature relief sculptures. Most of my relief sculptures have been donations for the Artist Preservation Group. These funds help continue the mission of the APG by providing funds for the purchase of historical property or the restoration/ conservation of historic artifacts and documents. I am currently sculpting a relief of Principal Musician George Williams of the 146th NY Volunteer Infantry. At the time of the Battle of the Wilderness Williams would be serving as Color Sergeant. He would be wounded in that battle and later paroled. Resin copies will be available in August, just in time for the APG show in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


 I'm still roughing out the main forms and applying some finish to others. The head/ face is going to need a bit of tweaking to get a better likeness of Williams.

The major forms are mostly blocked in. Some of the final details will be added before and after baking. The rest of the Drum Major's baton/ mace will be added after baking. After the major forms are complete all that remains are the details on the uniform.



The completed relief



Rich Odell said...

Hi Gary - so pleased to see your latest relief sculpt. Your work started me off in this discipline, I am so pleased to get fresh inspiration from this superb piece!

I hope to see many more from you...

Rich Odell

Gary Dombrowski said...

Rich, Thank you. That means a lot to me. When I started sculpting relief it was never my intention to start some new fad let alone inspire someone else to do it. Keep up the great work. ~Gary