Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting started

The techniques used to make this relief are the same as those used for the Confederate bugler. So if you're trying to make a relief of your own refer to those other posts in those areas where I may have unintentionally skipped over. The photographs in the following image are intentionally dark so the steps can be more clearly seen.

The drawing is attached to the sculpting surface by rubbing it down while applying a little pressure. It will be enough to hold it in place while transferring the drawing to the Sculpey. The drawing is transferred by poking through to the sculpting surface using a pointed tool.

The tracing is slowly lifted from the sculpting surface revealing the drawing which is made up of as many or as few holes as one chooses to make.

The entire outside of the design is cut into with an X-Acto knife. Then a second and third pass is made slowly cutting away the excess material from the outside of the design.

The excess material can be used where additional relief is needed. There is a thin film of Vaseline between the tile and the Sculpey. Given that the excess material may be a bit softer than usual due to the Vaseline. This excess can be thrown away, I just chose to use it. 

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